Blue Henry will surprise. It is not a dismal book on a gross subject, but is sympathetically written with touches of wry humour.

Whether you collect the bottles, or have a historical interest in the subject matter, Blue Henry will not disappoint.


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To follow - it takes time for the press to publish them, but review copies have been issued to British Medical Journal (UK), Medisch Contact, Microbiology Today (UK), Fjoezzz (Belgium), The Glass Circle (England), amongst others.

Review by Medisch Contact
Medisch Contact review (Dutch language)
"A curious and beautifully illustrated book."


Completely unedited comments from readers.

I started reading and completely forgot I had a cake in the oven. It burned.
R.C. Dekker, Bennekom

It looks fantastic and is a pleasure to read. For me it is the ideal mix between history and interesting fact. Jet Schokker, Amstelveen, Holland

I enjoyed reading the chapter on famous consumptives - and I'm sure the rest will make interesting reading, too. The layout and illustrations are very impressive.
Alastair McNeill, Glasgow

A real monograph that covers the ground admirably. Good photographs and print quality too.  You did a good job trying to make the subject palatable, with humour and enthusiasm.
Robert Bevan-Jones, Kinver

It is a wonderful idiosyncratic tale which in my opinion is the sort of dotty thing that should be researched. Well done for doing it so well.
John McBratney, Dublin